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Access Market Intelligence Introduces Online Glossary of Common Drug Related Terms and Acronyms as e-Book

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Ideal companion for those in industry who want to understand and successfully use key industry terms

Trumbull, Connecticut – January 17, 2018 – Recognizing the need for a simple yet comprehensive guide outlining key pharmaceutical benefit industry terms, Access Market Intelligence (AMI) has introduced an e-book, Glossary of Common Drug Related Terms and Acronyms.  The book is available online at Amazon Books ( or at the AMI website . 

Covering the most commonly used terms used in today’s evolving benefits industry, the book contains concise easy-to-understand definitions as well as a list of acronyms frequently heard in the healthcare market. It was developed for use by consumers, clinicians and non-clinicians involved in the daily issues of medical or pharmacy care delivery or programs.

Terms like most-favored-nation and acronyms like PUPM and AWP must be fully understood to participate successfully in the health or pharmaceutical benefits marketplace. The 2018 edition of Glossary of Common Drug Related Terms and Acronyms gives readers the information needed to communicate effectively and to understand the inner workings of this dynamic industry. 

Developed with benefit and pharmacist thought leaders at Access Market Intelligence (AMI), a Founder of the National Institute of Collaborative Healthcare (NICH), and in conjunction with the Institute for Integrated Healthcare (IIH) this is a must-have book for anyone involved in, or interested in, the medical, pharmaceutical or health care marketplace. 

“With worldwide pharmaceutical sales expected to top more than $1 trillion over the next few years, the number of physicians, care providers or payers, benefits administrators and healthcare leaders involved in the industry continues to skyrocket,” said Randy Vogenberg, Ph.D., R.Ph., Principal with IIH, and a national expert on managed care, commercial health benefits and plan design, health-system delivery & economics, and health innovation research. “But the healthcare benefits marketplace has a language all its own; and to participate and excel, you need to communicate with the language and terms used by industry leaders.”

The 2018 edition of Glossary of Common Drug Related Terms and Acronyms provides the information needed to communicate effectively and understand the inner workings of this dynamic industry. The glossary of terms is the first book among other contemporary titles that are in development by AMI. AMI also has additional reports and insight papers available online. The glossary represents AMI’s inaugural book entry.


Randy Vogenberg, PhD
A Founding member of NICH

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