The Return to Deep Science: Pharmaceutical Research & Development in a Value-Based Healthcare System

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The Joy of Collegiality in the Return to Deep Scienc
e Robert E. Henry

Challenges in Drug Development: 100 Years of Diabetes Management Thomas McCarter, MD, FACP; Keri Cooper; Alicia Mettimano

The Role of New Healthcare Technologies in a National Wellness Strategy Robert K. Smoldt, BS, MBA

Value-Based Benefit: The Concept, the Reality, and the Challenge Gary M. Owens, MD

Employers’ Perspective on New Technologies in Healthcare F. Randy Vogenberg, RPh, PhD

Employers’ Perspective on Value in Healthcare Innovation Wayne M. Lednar, MD, PhD

Value-Based Purchasing: Impact on Pharma Lawton Robert Burns, PhD, MBA

The New, Risk-Averse World of Regulation and Reimbursement Kip Piper, MA, CHE

Evidence Standards in the Era of Comparative Effectiveness Nirav R. Shah, MD, MPH

The Role of Epidemiology in New Drug Development Jeff J. Guo, BPharm, PhD; Christina M. L. Kelton, PhD

Impact of Market Trends on Drug Pipelines: The Need for Value-Based R&D Matthew Sarnes, PharmD

Case Study: Insu-Nectin (NV 1008) for Type 2 Diabetes Michael F. Murphy, MD, PhD

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