Thomas Lodise, PhD, PharmD; Kenneth LaPensee, PhD, MPH
Kathryn Fitch, RN, MEd; Xiaoyun Pan, MS, PhD; Jocelyn Lau, MPH; Tyler Engel, ASA, MAAA; Krithika Rajagopalan, MS, PhD
Mary I. O’Connor, MD; Brittany E. Blau, MPH
Diana Brixner, RPh, PhD; Gary Oderda, PharmD, MPH; Joseph Biskupiak, PhD, MBA; Douglas S. Burgoyne, PharmD, FAMCP; Steven G. Avey, RPh, MS, FAMCP; Steven R. Feldman, MD, PhD
Ken LaPensee, PhD, MPH; Thomas Lodise, PharmD, PhD
Love the Models, Send Me My Data: Conceptual Healthcare Decision Models Informing the Treatment of Acute Bacterial Skin and Skin Structure Infections
Michael F. Murphy, MD, PhD
Richard A. Brook, MS, MBA; Krithika Rajagopalan, PhD; James E. Smeeding, RPh, MBA
The Importance of Clinical and Economic Support Systems for Caregivers
Michael Kleinrock
Tia Goss Sawhney, DrPH, FSA, MAAA; Bruce S. Pyenson, FSA, MAAA; David Rotter, PhD; Michele Berrios; Judy Yee, MD
Derek Ems, MPH; Sharanya Murty, PhD; Bryan Loy, MD; Judith Gallagher, MBA; Laura E. Happe, PharmD, MPH; Teresa L. Rogstad, MPH; Debra Finnel; Jimmy D. Fernandez, MD, MBA
Ivar S. Jensen, MBA; Elizabeth Wu, MPH; Naomi C. Sacks, PhD; Philip L. Cyr, MPH; Karen C. Chung, PharmD, MS
Sameer R. Ghate, PhD; Zhiyi Li, MBA, MA; Jackson Tang, MSc; Antonio Reis Nakasato, MD
It’s About the Total Cost of Care
Gary M. Owens, MD
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