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Listen to Dr. Joseph Antos speak on the value of American Health & Drug Benefits. This interview was conducted on February 28, 2014.
John Hennessy provides a few benefits of personalized medicine as it effects the ability to make better treatment choices earlier rather than later
Dr. Boccia addresses the problem of unclear diagnoses affecting approximately 15% of newly diagnosed patients with metastatic disease each year and the importance of an accurate diagnosis of tumor type in selecting the proper site-specific therapies.
Oncologists should be guided by the research that is being done around outcomes, benefit, and society impact when making value-based care decisions, says Dr. Stainthorpe.
John Hennessy discusses the benefits of the “personalized medicine toolkit” to help make better decisions
Dr Stephen C. Malamud and Dr Susan K. Boolbol discuss the circumstances in which they would use the Breast Cancer IndexSM (BCI) to assist in determining whether to extend the adjuvant therapy of women with breast cancer beyond 5 years.
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