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Jennifer Malin describes some of the key issues in creating affordable cancer care
John Hennessy discuses the challenges of and tools for medication adherence and oral chemotherapy
Matthew Palmgren presents the key issues that help justify the value and cost of personalized medicines
Andrew Stainthorpe, PhD, PASLU, NICE, talks about why the FDA should not take drug cost into account when weighing the approval of expensive medications.
Matthew Palmgren discusses the challenges and issues associated with clinical pathways
Jennifer Malin presents some of the lessons learned through payer-provider collaborations
Dr. Boccia talks about the importance of controlling costs in the current environment and how the bioT3 testing approach can help compared to other options.
Listen as Ken Schaecher, MD describes the rule of ACOs in helping to manage oncology costs and how they impact oncology care.
Gary Owens explains the importance of the oncology pharmacist as part of the oncology care team. He suggests that the role of the oncology pharmacist should evolve to have more patient interaction due to their unique knowledge of cancer drugs—their interactions, toxicities, and side effects.
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