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Dr. Mullins confirms that value in healthcare is incredibly important to both patients and insurance companies. The development of many new treatment options in the field of oncology makes it a prime place to look for value. Value can be determined by comparing evidence of cost and evidence of improved health outcomes.
Listen as Dr. Joseph Antos speaks on healthcare exchange sites and expanding insurance enrollment. This interview was conducted on February 28, 2014.
Hear Dr. Joseph Antos speak on healthcare spending. This interview was conducted on February 28, 2014.
Dr. Mullins says that methods for evaluating comparative- and cost-effectiveness of treatment are evolving. He points out that side effects may represent significant burdens to patients and need to be considered to understand the true value of using improved therapies that reduce side effects.
Pamela Morris provides key data on the impact of pathways on patient outcomes and quality of care
Jennifer Mailn discusses the benefits of improving quality of care through payer-provider collaborations
R. Donald Harvey believes that developing well-tolerated drugs is the key to improving the standard of care in managing patients with hematologic malignancies.
Randy Vogenberg presents some of the challenges of incorporating ACOs into oncology practices
Matthew Palmgren presents an overview of the incorporation of oncology care into the Affordable Care Act
Matthew Palmgren discusses the challenges and issues associated with integrating ACOs and oncology systems
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