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Matthew Palmgren discusses impact on positive collaboration between the payer and physician
Matthew Palmgren presents the importance of collaboration between the payer and physician for better medication adherence
John Hennessy discusses the "affordabilty index" of curing cancer
Gary Owens discusses the complexities of cost-sharing as it relates to cancer care. He cites the fact that the cost of cancer care has increased dramatically and benefit designs have decreased, disproportionately affecting cancer patients. He also talks about AVBCC's role in moving the discussion toward solving the issues surrounding the cost of cancer treatment.
Ken Schaecher, MD, presents his own personal opinion on the challenges of concerns related to costs of treatment by oncologists and why they should not ignore them.
Dr. Michael Kolodziej talks about many pilots he is currently working on to improve patient outcomes.
Randy Vogenberg discusses the complexities of developing pricing for personalized medicine products
John Hennessy provides an overview of the effectiveness of pathways on improving quality of care and reducing costs
Dr. Kolodziej explans how value based cancer care will greatly benefit the patient and physician
Hear Dr. Joseph Antos explain his stance on the Medicare Program and It's Financial Circumstance. This interview was conducted on February 28, 2014.
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