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Jennifer Malin presents the value proposition of personalized mediine as it pertains to the cost-benefit ratio
Jennifer Malin describes the potential impact of ACOs on community oncology practices
John Hennessy presents an overview of the impact the Affordable Care Act may have on cancer care
Jennifer Malin describes the need for increased payer-provider collaboration
Jennifer Malin provides an example of the oncology medical home model as a way to reduce costs, lower hospitalization rates and better side effect management
Jennifer Malin discusses the role of ACOs in oncology and the challenge to maintain quality of care
Jennifer Malin discusses the role of payers and providers have in making sure patients adhere to their treatment regimen
John Hennessy provides a few benefits of personalized medicine as it effects the ability to make better treatment choices earlier rather than later
John Hennessy discusses the benefits of the “personalized medicine toolkit” to help make better decisions
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