Gary Owens explains the importance of the oncology pharmacist as part of the oncology care team. He suggests that the role of the oncology pharmacist should evolve to have more patient interaction due to their unique knowledge of cancer drugs—their interactions, toxicities, and side effects.
Dr. Stainthorpe shares his belief that when it comes to care decisions, oncology patients should be provided with information about the benefits/outcomes/consequences and cost of their care.
Oncologists should be guided by the research that is being done around outcomes, benefit, and society impact when making value-based care decisions, says Dr. Stainthorpe.
Dr. Michael Kolodziej talks about many pilots he is currently working on to improve patient outcomes.
Matthew Palmgren presents the key issues that help justify the value and cost of personalized medicines
Jennifer Malin discusses the aspects of value and how they are realized in personalized medicine
Jennifer Malin presents the value proposition of personalized mediine as it pertains to the cost-benefit ratio
John Hennessy provides a few benefits of personalized medicine as it effects the ability to make better treatment choices earlier rather than later
John Hennessy discusses the benefits of the “personalized medicine toolkit” to help make better decisions

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