In 2010, the payer landscape was changing rapidly, with no central place for medical and pharmacy directors to exchange ideas and to expand the ways in which they viewed the ever more complex daily choices and decisions with which they were faced. In addition, there are challenges regarding speaking one’s mind publicly. Some payer organizations chastise their directors for giving their personal opinions in any setting, claiming that everything the director says reflects on the company as a whole.

Listen to Dr. Kolodziej explain the oncology piolts he has been working on with Aenta.
During this segment Dr. Kolodziej discusses how there is a consistency with the vision people have.
Dr. Stainthorpe explains that the single payer perspective allows for negotiated terms and equality of access; however, they do not necessarily drive down costs the way multiple payers can.
Matthew Palmgren discusses impact on positive collaboration between the payer and physician
Dr. Kolodziej explans how value based cancer care will greatly benefit the patient and physician
Dr. Mullins confirms that value in healthcare is incredibly important to both patients and insurance companies. The development of many new treatment options in the field of oncology makes it a prime place to look for value. Value can be determined by comparing evidence of cost and evidence of improved health outcomes.
Jennifer Mailn discusses the benefits of improving quality of care through payer-provider collaborations
Jennifer Malin presents some of the lessons learned through payer-provider collaborations
John Hennessy provides examples of payer-provider collaborations, lessons learned and continuued challeges
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