August 2016 Vol 9, Special Issue: Payers' Perspectives in Oncology

  • Cost-Effectiveness of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in NSCLC According to PD-L1 Expression
  • PD-L1 Expression and Outcomes with Pembrolizumab versus Docetaxel in Previously Treated NSCLC: KEYNOTE-010
  • Pembrolizumab plus Chemotherapy as Front-Line Therapy for Advanced NSCLC: KEYNOTE-021
  • Alectinib versus Crizotinib in ALK Inhibitor–Naïve, ALK Mutation–Positive NSCLC: The J-ALEX Study
  • Pembrolizumab plus Ipilimumab as Second-Line Therapy for NSCLC: KEYNOTE-021
  • TKIs in Advanced NSCLC Associated with Concomitant c-MET Overexpression and EGFR Mutations
  • Crizotinib in Advanced, MET Exon 14–Altered NSCLC
  • Vandetanib in Advanced, RET-Rearranged NSCLC: The Luret Study
  • Nivolumab versus Docetaxel in Advanced NSCLC: A 2-Year Update of CheckMate-017 and CheckMate-057

Many significant and interesting topics highlighted at ASCO 2016 are discussed in this publication, covering clinical, safety, and economic issues related to cancer therapies. The challenge for health plans and other insurers is to balance the need to provide reasonable and appropriate patient access to new therapies and the ability to pay for them, because many new cancer treatments are designed for orphan diseases and are launched into the market at extremely high costs.

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), a cancer of B-cell lymphocytes, is the most common type of leukemia in adults. According to the American Cancer Society, more than 18,900 Americans will be diagnosed with CLL in 2016.

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