Dr. Mullins speaks about the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) and the importance of their input regarding the value of healthcare in oncology. This organization is in a good position to inform policymakers about the cost-effectiveness of various cancer therapies.
Dr. Mullins dismisses the perception that quality and cost must always be at odds when it comes to cancer treatment. He points out that providing lifesaving treatments that provide a high quality of life do generally come at a higher cost. However, providing poor quality care often leads to wasteful spending because more is spent on fixing problems that are created by the low quality of care.
Gary Owens discusses the complexities of cost-sharing as it relates to cancer care. He cites the fact that the cost of cancer care has increased dramatically and benefit designs have decreased, disproportionately affecting cancer patients. He also talks about AVBCC's role in moving the discussion toward solving the issues surrounding the cost of cancer treatment.
Andrew Stainthorpe, PhD, PASLU, NICE, talks about why the FDA should not take drug cost into account when weighing the approval of expensive medications.
Jennifer Mailn discusses the cost structure of novel therapeutics
Randy Vogenberg discusses the challenge of covering cancer care as survivorship increases
John Hennessy discusses the challenges in determining the cost value of cancer treatments
Matthew Palmgren discusses the benefits of personalized medicines
John Hennessy discusses the "affordabilty index" of curing cancer
Randy Vogenberg discusses the complexities of developing pricing for personalized medicine products
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